Infrared Thermal Imaging Training for Home Inspectors & Contractors

Infrared Certified
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InterNACHI Infrared Certification Course For Inspectors, Contractors, and Energy Auditors

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Thermal Imaging Training - $400

Infrared Certification Class

Live Webinar Every Month


Weekend Class 8-5 pm Central Time
 8 Hrs Per Day X 2 Days

Dates Listed Further Down This Page. Pay Now and Take

Any Future Class. No Charge For Changing Dates Later.


Our Webinar is LIVE With Real Time

Q and A ... Plus Testing.  This is a

Thermal Imaging Class That Helps

You Get Your Infrared Certification


Financing For IR Camera & Class Available.

We Can Help You Find a Low Priced Infrared Camera


Plus... FREE InterNACHI Membership

(this membership is a $499 value)

or... $100 Discount on Membership Renewals

PLUS... 300 Pages of Class Material

Plus .... Over 30 Certifications

& Hundreds of Hours of Education.

* All FREE When You Take Our Class &

Get Your Free InterNACHI Membership


Live Infrared Webinar Training

Now You Can Attend Class From Your

Own Home.  New Class Every Month

"This Class is LIVE And Not a Recording"


Our Infrared Certification Class is Intense Thermal

Imaging Training, Plus We Cover Topics About...

How To Start Your Thermal Imaging Business Doing

Home Inspections, Energy Audits, Moisture Detection,

Electrical Problems, HVAC Issues, Plumbing & More


Infrared Certified


Become An Infrared Certified Thermographer


The Infrared Certified™ trademarked professional designation and trademark logo are available to individuals who offer infrared inspection services and who apply for usage permission.  Applying for designation and logo usage permission is simple, fast, and free.  There are no annual dues or hidden costs.

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Increase Profits With Your Infrared Certification





What Are The Training Courses Called Level I, II, III

And How Does Our INFRARED CERTIFIED Training Compare?

Over 25 years ago several levels of infrared courses were set up for training individuals in various fields of thermography. None of those were developed expressly for the building inspector and contractor. InterNACHI has now filled that gap with this very intense two day thermal imaging training course, that concentrates totally on the needs of the inspection industry and methods necessary to utilize an infrared camera, with knowledge and confidence. Our certification trademark is federally registered and issued by the largest home inspection association in North America.

The word CERTIFICATION simply means a school certifies that you have attained a certain level of education or training. It does not give you legal status or make you an expert. It is legal to use an infrared camera without any certification. We do not recommend this, but it happens all the time.

Level one is the title of a class created over 25 years ago and use to be the only entry level class to learn about thermography. Now there are many entry level infrared classes. Our class, unlike Level one, deals with home inspections and buildings only. Level one does not deal much with home inspector applications. Back then they did not use the IR camera like we do now.

The reason our training cost less is because that is what we do best at InterNACHI. Our vast array of high quality education courses have been accepted by various government licensing agencies for many years and we produce more education and training than the rest. That is why we are the number one provider in the home inspector industry. Our infrared certified training webinar is a LIVE course with an experienced  instructor, John McKenna.  He also sits as an advisory member of Master Inspector Certification Board.   There are two test and a field assignment with this course. Many have said it is the best IR class they have ever seen.



Attend Our IR Class From Your Own Home

Live Interaction With Students And Teacher - Same Class Materials On Everyones Computer - Question And Answers - Step By Step All The Way! 


Connect By Internet Anywhere In The World

(requires 56k internet connection speed or above)




1 - Click  Course Registration   and make credit card payment. Please indicate the course and date you want to sign-up for (see  Calendar ).

2- Download all 4 course files as instructed

3- We will send you an email with instructions on how to attend our Webinar class.

Once you download the class material there are no refunds, but you may change the dates you attend the class at any time. This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


PRICE of CLASS = $400


CLASS  CALENDAR - See Dates Below

All Classes = 16 hrs Total Class Time

Weekend Class 8-5 pm Central Time
 8 Hrs Per Day X 2 Days

2015 - Weekend Class Webinars
Jan 24-25  (8 hrs p/day)
Feb 21-22  (8 hrs p/day)
March 21-22  (8 hrs p/day)
April 25-26  (8 hrs p/day)
May 23-24  (8 hrs p/day)
June 20-21  (8 hrs p/day)
July 25-26  (8 hrs p/day)

John McKenna (Instructor)

Featured At

International Inspector Success Seminar, 2008

Inspector Success Seminar - Dallas TX, 2009

Texas Assoc. Of Real Estate Inspectors Convention, 2009

Instructor & Co-Author: John McKenna (Course Instructor), Texas Home Inspector and Trainer (TREC #4565),  FLIR-ITC Certified Thermographer,  Advisory Member Of The Master Inspector Certification Board, 25 Years Experience In Construction Background.  InterNACHI Staff And Thermal Imaging Trainer, Author Of The TV Report "A Consumers Guide To Infrared Thermography".

Co-Author: Will Decker - InterNACHI - Licensed Illinois Home Inspector (# 450.0002240) - Author & Instructor of Licensed Illinois Home Inspectors, Certified Medical Thermographer, RT, Charter NMTCB,  Certified Level I Thermographer


Become A Certified Thermographer



If you would like a live infrared training course at your location, please contact me at...   at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it   (a minimum of 12 students must pre pay for on-site training). Training available in the  United States and Canada.


Infrared Training Course

TITLE:  "Thermal Imaging And Building Science"

This is an infrared training course intended to familiarize home inspectors with this new non-destructive testing technology and its applications for building and home inspections.

  1. What is thermal imaging?
  2. The purpose of Thermal Imaging in Home Inspections.
        1. Better Inspections
        2. Decreased Liability
        3. Additional Income form Ancillary Services
  3. The Physics of Light
        1. Electromagnetic Spectrum
        2. Frequency
        3. Color
        4. Heat
  4. The Physics of Thermal Imaging
        1. Delta T
        2. Emissivity, Reflectivity, Transparency
        3. Thermal Mass
  5. Different Types of Image Display
        1. Black & White, Rainbow, Iron
        2. Temperature Scales.
        3. Adjusting temperature scales for a better image.
  6. Applications for Home Inspection
        1. Water Infiltration
        2. Excessive Moisture in Materials
        3. Electrical Inspection Applications
        4. HVAC applications
        5. Pipe Location
        6. Pest Infestation
        7. Energy Audit
  7. Inspection Techniques
        1. Exterior scanning.
        2. Interior scanning.
        3. Electrical scanning.
  8. Report Writing, Marketing, Liability.
  9. Building Science, Structure, Systems, And Defects.

Thermal imaging training will include testing and field assignments.  All students will have personal interaction with the instructor.

No IR camera is required to take this thermal imaging training course. 



If you cannot attend our class for any reason (issues on

our part or reasons on your part) then we offer a refund of taking our

class at another time. No cash refunds are offered once you enroll,

because you will be given access to approx. 300 pages of copyrighted

class material, InterNACHI membership and/or member fee discount

and discounted prices on IR cameras from the IR sales reps.  So far

we have a record of teaching over 99% of our classes without fail.



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"Best Infrared Course
Ever Written For
Building Inspectors,
Contractors And
Energy Auditors" 
Nick Gromicko
InterNACHI Founder
Boulder, CO 
 Certified By
 The InterNational
Assoc. Of Certified
Home Inspectors Is
The Largest Home
Inspector Assoc. In
North America
See The Page FLUKE Has
Created For InterNACHI

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About Our Infrared
Certified Training

"Best Money Ever
Spent On A Course"
Richard "Buzz" Coe
Home Inspector
Tampa, FL
"Great Class" 
Phil Henderson 
Home Inspector 
Maryville, TN 
"Highly Recommend
It To Anyone"
John Richards
Home Inspector 
Jacksonville, FL 

 "Intense Course On
Bob Smith
Home Inspector
Durham, ME
Endorses Our Infrared Course
Approved By The Texas
Association of Real Estate
Inspectors (TAREI)

Endorsed By The
Canadian National Assoc. of
Certified Home Inspectors
Our Infrared Class is Taught
in The Inspect4u Schools
in Canada 
Approved By Indoor
Air Quality Consultants

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Home Inspection Infrared Schools

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